With Valentine’s day coming up you may have noticed all the high street stores and online shops pushing you in the direction of red dresses, but I have some cost-effective and practical outfit ideas for all you ladies going out this V-day.

Whether you’re going on a date this Valentine’s or just hitting the town with your girls, you may want to consider opting for a bodysuit and midi skirt combo instead of wearing head to toe red, and here’s why;

  1. OTT

It’s always good to make an effort, but going over-the-top with red can leave you looking more fancy dress than looking your best.

  1. Cost-effective

If, like me, you’re a girl who loves shopping, you always want to make sure your outfits will get more than just one wear. A glam dress will look great, but it’s something you’ll only be able to wear once in a while. Opting for a top/bodysuit and skirt means that you’ll be able to switch it up with the other items in your wardrobe to create lots of different looks. That way you get more for your money!

  1. Keep it classy

I know I’ve said it a million times, but less is more. Keeping things simple with an all-black top and skirt (like I’m wearing here) can sometimes make more of an impact than the loudest of dresses.

Try it out this Valentine’s and let me know how your night goes in the comments below!

Sending you guys lots of love this Valentine’s day! <3

Bodysuit & Skirt: Missguided | Shoes: Public Desire

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