When I was around 10 years old I had my front tooth knocked out whilst playing with golf clubs with a friend in my back garden. The golf club hit me in the mouth and sliced half of my front tooth. It was only days later that we found the other half of my tooth lodged deep in my swollen lip. Since the accident, i had lots of dental work to fix my broken tooth and I was left with a lump in my bottom lip which always bothered me. This insecurity was only heightening by the odd comments or questions I’d receive – “what’s that?” “How did that happen?” And “you have something on your face”.

In around 2016 I noticed fillers becoming more popular and thought this could be the perfect way of finally getting rid of the little lump which was bothering me so much. So, I visited a clinic for my first ever treatment. Unfortunately, I was not very happy with my (more…)

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Just before Christmas I popped into Harley Academy Clinics for a treatment which I shared on my InstaStory.

Finally, here is my blog post to explain what I had done, why I had it done and about my experience with Harley Academy Clinics!


At my consultation I saw Dr Tristan Mehta who was absolutely lovely. He was super friendly from the moment we met and explained all steps of the session including the consultation, the treatment and the aftercare very thoroughly. I was quite nervous before I went in, however speaking to someone who was very experienced quickly settled any butterflies I had.

During my consultation with Dr Mehta, I explained that my main hang up was my smile lines (also known as the “nasolobial folds”) which are the lines from my nose to my mouth. I was always very self-conscious of how deep they were and how they age my face.

Dr Mehta then decided to do what he calls the “magic wand test”. He gave me a mirror to  look at myself and asked (more…)

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