Just before Christmas I popped into Harley Academy Clinics for a treatment which I shared on my InstaStory.

Finally, here is my blog post to explain what I had done, why I had it done and about my experience with Harley Academy Clinics!


At my consultation I saw Dr Tristan Mehta who was absolutely lovely. He was super friendly from the moment we met and explained all steps of the session including the consultation, the treatment and the aftercare very thoroughly. I was quite nervous before I went in, however speaking to someone who was very experienced quickly settled any butterflies I had.

During my consultation with Dr Mehta, I explained that my main hang up was my smile lines (also known as the “nasolobial folds”) which are the lines from my nose to my mouth. I was always very self-conscious of how deep they were and how they age my face.

Dr Mehta then decided to do what he calls the “magic wand test”. He gave me a mirror to  look at myself and asked (more…)

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Hot Pot is a brand new restaurant, introducing a new way to dine in London. I’m always up for trying new things and my visit to Hot Pot in China Town was unlike anything else I’ve tried.

You can find Hot Pot at 17 Wardour Street, which is right near the W Hotel in Leceister Square (close to M&M world for all you chocolate lovers!) You’ll see it right next to the Chinese gate into Chinatown. Perfect to pop in if you’re wandering about the busy area, or if you fancy a cosy dinner with friends in Soho.


It’s super pretty inside and I fell in love with these little tiles (pictured). There’s an assortment of different table sizes and types to fit your needs. What I liked the most (more…)

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