What is good music without the best headphones? Skullcandy have now designed a collection of headphones specifically designed for women. So whether you’re hitting the gym, on the train or at home, there are headphones tailored to suit you.

Products for women are engineered, designed, colored, cushioned and patterned to fit women and what we want. These aqua blue earbuds are from the Robin collection and are called “Bombshell” and now I have them, I’d be lost without them.

Drawing on inspiration from athletes such as pro-snowboarder Kimmy Fasani and pro-surfer Leila Hurst, the rang has been created to fully cater to the needs of all young females, from all walks of life.

The collection will be released in the UK on the 1st of June, so be sure to get your hands on a pair.
Skullcandy: 2014 Women’s Collection

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