As much as I love dressing up, even I can’t deny the fact that it’s pretty chilly at the moment! That can only mean one thing- dressing for comfort. I would usually gasp at the thought alone, but there are ways to be comfy and still looking stylish. 

Here I’m wearing a thick scarf from Zara, which not only keeps me super warm but also adds a bit of colour to any outfit I combine it with. A beige coat is also another way of making your winter outfit look chic, and they’ll never go out of style so you’re set for a good few years! If you want to wear a chunky knit jumper like the one hidden under my layers here, then pair it with either some leather leggings or a leather skirt to give it some edge.

Turns out you can dress functional and be still be fashionable- who knew! 


 Coat: USC | Scarf, Jumper & Handbag: Zara | Shoes: Topshop | Leggings: H&M

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