Firstly, I must apologise for falling behind on blogging- I’ve been super busy lately, but I assure you I’ll be keeping you guys updated from here on.

Secondly, here is how and why you should borrow/steal/buy and wear boys’ clothes!

So I’ve recently figured out that longline guys’ tops make great dresses. This hooded number from ASOS Menswear is a prime example. Menswear can often be a lot more flattering if you like going for a more baggy look and not to mention far cheaper! Wearing a top from the men’s section instead of a dress from the women’s section can often be half the price.

Next time you want a baggy dress- hit up the menswear and wear it better than the boys!

Dress: ASOS Menswear Top | Shoes: Dr Martens | Socks: LaModa


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  1. Amazing! I am starting my own fashion blog so it’s really nice to see what other people are doing. Your blog so good 🙂

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